Project 6: Final version

The first version that I made in inDesign was not very interesting, because it had white background, and the layout of last page was very plain and boring. It also had a couple minor issues with alignment and spacing.

In the final version, I changed the third page a lot, introduced a sans-serif font for pull-quotes, and got rid of small defects, such as hyphenation across columns.


Project 6: Work in progress

After having looked at all the grids, I found myself really puzzled as to what I should really do about the article.

I tried to sketch a couple things, but it didn’t go too well because I was not working on real text, and sketching didn’t really give me many useful ideas.

Here is a couple sketches that I made:

First, I considered some of the images that I would like to put in the article

Then I tried to imagine how certain layouts would look

I think I did most of the work when I actually tried to put the text in two columns, and saw that the lines were too long, and then tried to put it on a modular grid, and that didn’t work out too nicely… So in the end I settled on a three column grid.

Project 5: The final version

I radically changed the colors and experimented more with fonts, and got this result:

After the critique session, I changed a couple things: I made the picture in the middle larger, added a clearer and simpler legend at the bottom, and made my categories more obvious and more simple.

Project 6: Article of my choice

I would like to work with the “Java Man” article by Malcolm Gladwell.

There are several reasons for it. Most importantly, thinking about coffee makes me imagine its pleasant smell and warmth. A million pictures comes to my mind straight away – a coffee bean, a coffee cup, a nice cozy couch by the fire at Starbucks on Walnut street… I find the topic pleasant, and I see it in nice rich earthy colors – the color of coffee, the ground in grows on, the hard-working hands that harvest it…

Also, I like the author’s style, so I will definitely enjoy re-reading the article and organizing it. I feel like I share a lot of ideas with the author, and it makes me feel really comfortable with the text.

Project 5: Putting sketches into Illustrator

I decided to keep the timeline with varying sizes of objects to represent the level of interest as the basis of my final design.

First, I wrote down the list of things I usually do in the morning.

Then, I found some pictures on the Internet/my computer to represent the things I do. In the final version, I wanted to use photographs, so I tried to make this as close as possible to what I wanted.

After I figured out what the general structure should be, I saw that I could make it sun-shaped, and that would make sense because morning and sun are two very closely related things. I also noticed that I had 13 objects around the circle, which was very close to 12, so I could also make it similar to a clock. In a way. I added the text to each of the pictures. Initially, I picked a different font size for each caption, so that each of them would take up all the space it could.

Then I realized that bigger font size draws more attention, and things that I didn’t want to emphasize ended up being very important. I changed the font size to be the same for every caption.

My next step was replacing as many pictures as possible with my original pictures.

This version still has a couple drawbacks: the colors are bleak and uninteresting, and there is so much variation in circle size and the color of circle outline, that they seem almost random. The color of circle outline is supposed to represent my mood, so I will need to add a legend to this picture.

Project 5: Sketches

I have tried to make lists of things I do in the morning with various levels of detail, and then sketch the possible ways in which I could represent the information.

In the sketch on the left, I tried to represent the timeline + how interesting the things I do are. The time goes in an S shape, which is not very effective and can be confusing; the interestingness is represented by the sizes of circles – the larger the circle, the more interesting the associated event.
The sketch on the right, I tried to represent the relative amount of time I spend on each thing in the morning. The circle are boring, though.

In the sketch on the left, I tried to represent the relationship between my mood and the things I do, but the result is not very informative.
On the right, I wrote down the direction I was facing during various things in the morning. This was an interesting exercise, but the information itself has little value.

On the left, I tried to represent the relationship between my mood and temperatures of objects I was holding/touching/looking at, but it proved to be not very efficient, because I would have to take out too many things to get an interestingly shaped graph, and also I don’t think there is any message in this that would be any use for the reader.
The right half just has a couple ideas that I wrote down after receiving the critiques.

Project 4: Part 4

The final step of the project is to design the poster using color. Here are the variations that I have made.